Not only does Hotel Bayview offer a world-class view of the bay, it also lies on one of the most beautiful scenic biking trails of Taiwan.

Bikes are available to every guest at Hotel Bayview, so you can tour around the seaside at your own leisure.

Guests who want to participate in a relaxing scenic tour of the area can take the path north, along the several green open areas of ChiSingTan and the botanic forest. Depending on the time of day and if weather allows, guests might even see fishing boats coming back from sea and experience the crowd-gathering and subsequent bidding on today's catch.

For the more adventurous types looking for a challenging trail, the path south starts off with a series of uphill climbs leading to the lighthouse summit. Continuing forward brings us to the outskirts of Hualien City, where one can find along the way Hualien's outdoor sculpture museum, and Hualien harbor. The trail comes to an end at Beibing Park and Nanbing Park, where many seasonal events take place at night.